5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions

5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions

Since five seems to be a good number, here you will find 5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions. Lately, the E-Commerce world has become in something really competitive and it is your task as a retailer merchant to keep up with the latest trends in this world, and also with the most-common practices for create ecommerce website.  Click here Ecommerce Marketing

What is POS?

A POS (Point of Sale) is the place where a transaction is completed. It is the moment in which the merchant gives all the transaction details to the customer such as total price, shipping price, etc. also, if the transaction needs to be completed through an email confirmation or so. The receipt issuing is also part of this POS moment.

Now, the thing is that in an E-Commerce this POS should work differently, or at least it seems to us that a regular online store should not make this transaction system in a manual way. There is where it comes the POS Solutions we want to talk to you about.

5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions at the reach of your hand

  • Look for a fully integrated software: As we told you before, you need to get the whole thing controlled by a software, since doing it manually can take a lot of time and time means money. If you get a POS software you will maintain administrative costs at their minimum while at the same time you get everything under control. Your control.
  • Protect your online sales: The risks in front of an online sale are huge; you need to maintain these kind of operations safe for your customers. They trust in you and your business and you cannot fail them. Also, you need to make your site as friendly and easy as you can. When a site is complicated and boring, customers do not feel the urge of buying there.
  • Use real-time info: There are some POS software, which are capable of showing you and your customer real-time information about their purchase. If a customer feels it is able to track their products, the business gains credibility and good publicity at the same time.

By using an automatized POS software, you can send emails to your customers about their purchase and also, you can update the stock list automatically. In this way you will safe manual work.

  • Personalized customer experience: By offering them this experience, you can gain the customer’s loyalty. With the use of some POS software, you can send personalized emails to your customers with the products they like and offers.
  • Regarding offers: you could try to offer online-only sales to your customers. In that way you will gain presence in the web market and your customers will feel the urge of buying online.

Now 5 of the Most Popular POS Solutions

You already have an idea with our 5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions. Now, we will present you 5 POS Solutions which you can learn and try to apply to your own business. Remember that using a POS Solution will help you save time and money and gain at the same time, good publicity and loyalty.

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One of the most popular ecommerce platform out there is Lightspeed, with this software you can integrate shop and mail services. It will allow you to categorize you products in the way you want for making it easier for you to find it later on. One of the cons you will find by using this product is pricing. So, if you are on a tight budget, keep this in mind.

Other solution is Netsuit POS, with this software you not only gain a POS system but also a retail management system since it offers CRM, business intelligence, order management, financial software and best ecommerce platform for small business all together. There is not a standard pricing on this one, yet you can have a lot of benefits from it, so you know what you could expect from pricing.

Another great option is ShopKeep, as Netsuit POS this one does not only offer POS, but also a management system, so it is really interesting to get. It maintains all the information on a cloud, yet you have access to it without WiFi. Prices can start from $669 to $1100.

The other POS solution we found is VendHQ, the best ecommerce platform this we found with this one is that you can set selling goals to your employees, so the environment can turn a bit competitive and playful. This software is similar to ShopKeep. And now we got a bit out of our 5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions, but we present you the last POS solution we found.

Shopify POS is a small business solution, which can be very useful for small retailers who want to get started into the E-Commerce world.

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