8 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Store

8 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Store

We will present you 8 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Store since the shipping options are one of the most important parts inside your ecommerce site. If you do not have a cheap and fast shipping service, your customer will not hesitate on leaving the purchase and abandoning the webpage. Customers need everything fast and easy, in the same way as they need a good shipping price.

Nevertheless, there are several options you can find out there to improve your shipping options, you can add more extensions to your site in order to get another service with better fees. In that way you will improve your service and at the same time, you will avoid losing customers, which is never a cost you would want to carry.

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8 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Store right now

Add more shipping options: If the solution your web developer is providing to you is not enough, because of the nature of your business, you can add more shopping solutions by getting more add-on solutions as getting more shipping providers, automatized the process, synchronize with a third party, etc.

Change your fee calculation: Try to calculate the fee of your customer’s product in the cheapest way you can. Sometimes, other specific things you might consider products will limit you. Also, depending on your customer’s country. So, you need to consider certain things. It does not always work as a general true.

Do not charge fee on every product: There certainly are products in which it is not necessary to charge fees, so take advantage of it and charge fees only on specific products. In that way, if your customer is interested in buying something, it can start adding to the shopping cart one more item, because of the free shipping.

No shipping options at checkout: Sometimes you do not want a shipping calculator at the end of the purchase, because you will not charge any shipping fee at all, or because any other reason. There are some plugins you can include in your website for taking this option out at the end of the operation.

Allow to ship to multiple addresses: Among the 8 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Store this is the greatest especially around holidays. Whenever you allow your customer to split the address on the same order, the will get closer to their family and friends, if what they want is sending gifts for their loved ones.

This is a good way of becoming a personal and favorite option for customers. When you make each buying experience a personal one, you gain the loyalty of the customer. Especially during these days where everything is so mainstream and people do not feel they are receiving more than a product.  Read more  eCommerce Software Apps

Restrict products based on the location of the customer: Maybe you have an expanding business and you want to go global. Sometimes this is not such a good idea since the shipping fees can be really high for you and your customer. If the product is not available in their area, you will have to recur to different costly strategies to accomplish the delivery.

Printed information: Even in this digital era, offering printed invoiced makes you get more reliable in your customer’s eyes. In this way, if your client wants reimburse, they will notice how professional you are and at the same time, if will make the transaction easier for both parties.

Forget about shipping: If you are a small business, why do not you try to avoid the whole shipping thing by simply getting local pickup. In this way, you will give your customers the opportunity of meeting you and having a personal experience, which is always a good advice. If what you are selling is handcrafted, then this is the best solution for you.

Here you found some solutions to the shipping options you could adapt depending on your own needs. What you need to remember is the importance the shipping options have inside a store. A good shipping option will be translated into more sells and more clients, so the time to fix the solution you already have is now.

You might be reading this with a hope in your heart of finding a definite solution for your e-commerce platform, yet what you really need to know is that every solution will depend on your own needs. Also, on the love you have for your store and how much you work for it. what might work for someone, does not necessarily work for you.

We know this is called 8 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Store, yet imagine your handcrafted product in your humble store. The customer got to your business through the internet and then decided to buy something from you. Then the person gets to the store, and falls in love with your products and decides to start buying more frequently. Ecommerce BigEcommerce

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